The Beach


The long sandy beach

Summer months sees the beach full of swimmers, surfers and boggie boarders.  The beach is patrolled by the Surf Life Savers during the summer months.  The rest of the year it would still be considered as a safe beach.  We don't get much in the way of bad rips, and the swells tend to be relatively mild, so it's a great beach for EVERYONE to have fun.


Dog Zone

From the middle of the beach to the airport end is a madhouse of partying dogs.  They all seem to get on well too.  Definitely one of the more popular dog walking locations.  Both Maranui Cafe and Flying Saucer Cafe have posts for tying dogs up to while you enjoy your latte at the bay.



Lyall Bay has a range of surf from beginners to experienced only areas.  Generally the whole beach, other than the corner by the airport, is learner friendly and hireboards can be got from RealSurf and Wildside.  The corner is experienced only and even then it seems only the best half dozen get all the waves.  If you feel you can cut it with the big boys you can enjoy a pitching (wedge type) sandbar left hand break.  The rest of the beach is a left or right hand beach break of fairly average quality.  Often after a storm the sandbars are re-arranged and the waves can be good for a few days.



The west side has some nice reefs.  The rest is just water and sand, water and sand...



It's a very pleasant walk from Lyall Bay to the surrounding bays and hills, more details can be found on WalkzOnline.